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Gomti Chakra With Rudraksh Tree - For Wealth & Prosperity

Gomti Chakra With Rudraksh Tree - For Wealth & Prosperity

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    The Gomti Chakra Tree: Mystical Marvel with Profound Benefits - 100% Original with Lab Authentic Certificate.

    The Gomti Chakra tree, or Gomati Chakra plant, is a natural wonder steeped in ancient traditions and mysticism. With its unique spiral-shaped seeds and profound spiritual significance, it has captured the fascination of people for generations. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of the Gomti Chakra tree, exploring its benefits, uses, and the mystical aura that surrounds it.

    The Gomti Chakra Tree:The Gomti Chakra tree, scientifically known as the Saraca indica, is a small to medium-sized evergreen tree that is native to the Indian subcontinent. It is revered for its distinctive seeds, which are reminiscent of the sacred Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu.

    Benefits of the Gomti Chakra Tree:

    1. Spiritual Significance: The Gomti Chakra seeds are considered auspicious and spiritually significant in Hinduism. They are often used in religious rituals and ceremonies, believed to bring blessings and protection.

    2. Good Luck Charm: Many people keep Gomti Chakra seeds in their homes or carry them as talismans to attract good luck and ward off negative energies.

    3. Prosperity: It is believed that Gomti Chakra seeds can enhance financial prosperity and success in business endeavors.

    4. Healing Properties: In traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda, Gomti Chakra seeds are sometimes used for their potential healing properties, especially for skin conditions and digestive issues.

    Uses of the Gomti Chakra Tree:

    1. Religious Rituals: Gomti Chakra seeds are commonly used in Hindu religious rituals and pujas, particularly during festivals and ceremonies.

    2. Talismans and Jewelry: The seeds are often crafted into jewelry items like necklaces and bracelets, serving as beautiful and spiritually significant accessories.

    3. Decorative Artifacts: Gomti Chakra seeds are used to create decorative items like wall hangings, keychains, and idols, adding a touch of mysticism to homes.

    4. Healing Remedies: Some traditional practitioners incorporate Gomti Chakra seeds into herbal remedies for various ailments.

      The Gomti Chakra tree is not only a botanical wonder but also a symbol of spirituality and good fortune. Its seeds, with their unique spiral patterns, hold deep cultural and mystical significance, making them cherished items in many households. Whether you seek spiritual blessings, good luck, or simply wish to adorn your surroundings with a touch of mysticism, the Gomti Chakra tree and its seeds offer a profound connection to ancient traditions and the natural world.

    Mystical Properties of Pyrite:

    A pyrite stone or pyrite accessory is known as a money magnet. Always carry it to attract business or career opportunities.

    Both earth and fire energies are captured within the pyrite stone; a
    perfect tool to assist in balancing (or activating) the root (1st) or
    base chakra.

    Pyrite helps one to communicate more openly and honestly, providing both emotional and physical protection.

    If you are indecisive or unsure about something, wear a pyrite accessory as a touchstone to help boost your self-confidence.

    Pyrite increases physical stamina, stimulates the intellect, and helps to transform thought into intelligent action.

    An excellent shield, pyrite removes negativity from the aura to help one concentrate.

    What to Do First When Receive It?

    Cleansing of Crystals:

    Once you receive your crystal, it is important to do a cleansing and
    activating ritual to make this crystal YOURS!

    We recommend to keep it
    temple for overnight and in morning, after taking bath, do rituals and
    then wear it. The First thing, you need to do is to take it out from the pouch, keep it in your home's temple with full devotion.

    Next day morning - after taking bath, take it from God's feet and make 7 circle above the Diya-Jot / Dhupbatti / Agarbatti or whatever you used for pray, touch it at your for-head and wear it.

    How To Recharge It?

    There are several ways to recharge Your Pyrite Product :

    1. Best one is to keep it for a night in the Full Moon Light (Poornima) in a month.

    2. Keep it in direct Sun-rays for 60-90 mins. Don't keep it directly for more time in sun rays.

    3. If you have Shivling surrounding you, touch it once in a week as blessing of Lord Shiva. Shivling has vibrant power of the Universe.

    4. Keep it with Sandha Namak for 30 minutes. Don't use Normal Commercial Salt.

    5. Make 7 Circle above the Diya / Dhup / Aggarbatti in morning when you'll do Pooja once in a week.

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