Frequently Asked Question

 Do you offer a COD facility?

Yes, we confirm the address, phone number, nearby confirm location, alternate phone number, email id and then confirm the order. Due to huge number of Fraud orders, we are trying to validating COD order by charging a small amount of INR 49 rupees. 

 Do you support UPI Payment?

Yes, we do support UPI Payment. While shopping online, users can pay through UPI when UPI is available as a payment option. Users will need to enter his/her (VPA) Virtual Payment Address (xyz@upi), Subsequently, the user will receive a collect request on the BHIM app. The user is just required to enter the UPI-PIN to complete the payment. All payments are instant and 24/7, regardless of the bank's working hours. For that customer, needs to support us via whatsapp at 8448822610.

 Do you offer EMI Facility?

Sorry, we don't have enable the EMI feature yet. 

How can I tell if a gemstone is real or fake?

The authenticity of a gemstone can only be identified by a renowned Gem Testing Laboratory. One can consider an expert gemologist for primary consultation but must always rely on the Gem Lab Certificate issued by a trusted Gem Testing Lab. The certificate from the Gemstone Laboratory ensures and lists vital descriptions about the gemstone that will offer great assurance to the buyers. It helps to avoid the chances of getting duped by purchasing fake gemstones. At IGT, we give our consumers the advantage of certainty by providing authentic IGI, GIA, GRS, GII, etc. gemstone certificates with every purchase.

 Is Cash on Delivery available for all locations?

Cash on Delivery is available only in certain locations in India. Unfortunately, courier companies don't offer this service in all locations, and hence, once you place your order, our customer service team will assist you in case, cash on delivery is not available for your Pin code. Typically, all big metros and most big towns can avail the Cash on Delivery facility. 

 How many days does it take to deliver the order?

Cash on Delivery takes the same number of days to deliver as a typical normal courier.
For metros, courier companies typically take 2 to 3 days to deliver the product from the date dispatched. For non-metros, courier companies typically take 4 to 7 days to deliver the product from the date it is dispatched. It also depends who frequently you confirm the complete details.

 Will the Cash on Delivery courier person call before he comes?

Typically, the Cash on Delivery courier person do not call or SMS on the first attempt. You will receive an SMS in case you weren't at home when they arrive, and you can coordinate with them so that the order reaches you on time.

Can I open the package before paying the money?

No. Courier boys are not allowed to have any open packets with them, even if you are going to accept the delivery afterward. Hence, you must pay them in Cash so that they can hand over the package to you. This is unfortunately a policy of the courier companies and is non-negotiable.
Please be rest assured that the content of your package will be as per your order. In the unlikely circumstance of you receiving a faulty product, or you are unhappy with the product, IGT offers a hassle-free 5-Day No-Questions-Asked Return Policy. 

If I have placed an order with a COD option, can I change it to prepaid order?

If your order is not yet dispatched, then you can request advance payment. Once the order is shipped, there will be no change in the payment mode.

I got an SMS to pay some amount to get courier fast or get the courier reactivate?

Request you not to respond to any link asking for payment in SMS / Whatsapp/ E-mail. Neither IGT nor IGT's courier partner ask money (2 to 5 rs) to activate account or get the courier faster or convert COD order to Prepaid Order. DON'T SHARE OTP TO ANYONE ASKING.

I can see few lines on Polished Pyrite Ring or Pendant? 

You don't need to worry about it. This is natural stone not the Dyed one. Small cracks, visible lines are very much Ok on this product. We don't polish or dye on it. 

My elastic of bracelet got broken, What to do? 

In case your bracelet, pendant, or ring feels like it’s not your size, feel free to transfer them in a new string or to get them re-made with a jeweller. If a bracelet string breaks at some point, just put the beads in a new string.