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Jade Crystal Diya - For Poojan & Gifting

Jade Crystal Diya - For Poojan & Gifting

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    Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity, often referred to as the "Stone of Heaven." It has a profound connection to the heart chakra, promoting love, harmony, and balance in one's life. It is believed to help mend damaged relationships and encourage forgiveness and compassion.

    This stone is said to bring good luck and protection. It is thought to ward off negative energies and offer a shield against harm, making it a popular choice for amulets and talismans.

    Jade is renowned for its ability to enhance longevity and promote physical health. It is believed to strengthen the body's natural defenses, boost the immune system, and support the kidneys and adrenal glands.

    In the realm of emotional well-being, Jade can help in calming the mind, reducing stress, and promoting emotional stability. It is said to aid in achieving a more tranquil and balanced state of mind.

    Jade's association with wealth and abundance has made it a popular choice for attracting prosperity and success. It is thought to bring opportunities and financial luck to its wearer.

    Additionally, Jade is often used in meditation to facilitate deeper insights and spiritual growth. It can assist in connecting with one's inner wisdom and understanding the interconnectedness of all life.

    In summary, Jade is highly regarded for its properties related to love, protection, longevity, emotional balance, and prosperity. It is a versatile gemstone known for its holistic benefits in both physical and spiritual aspects of life.

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    Note - No Machine has been used to create this unique and antique 100% natural stone diya and it may differ from the image in terms of size, weight and color. Natural stone comes with minor scratches, lining on the surfaces and inclusions. These are not manufacturing defects. Our all products are 100% genuine so don't worry.

    Mystical Properties of Pyrite:

    A pyrite stone or pyrite accessory is known as a money magnet. Always carry it to attract business or career opportunities.

    Both earth and fire energies are captured within the pyrite stone; a
    perfect tool to assist in balancing (or activating) the root (1st) or
    base chakra.

    Pyrite helps one to communicate more openly and honestly, providing both emotional and physical protection.

    If you are indecisive or unsure about something, wear a pyrite accessory as a touchstone to help boost your self-confidence.

    Pyrite increases physical stamina, stimulates the intellect, and helps to transform thought into intelligent action.

    An excellent shield, pyrite removes negativity from the aura to help one concentrate.

    What to Do First When Receive It?

    Cleansing of Crystals:

    Once you receive your crystal, it is important to do a cleansing and
    activating ritual to make this crystal YOURS!

    We recommend to keep it
    temple for overnight and in morning, after taking bath, do rituals and
    then wear it. The First thing, you need to do is to take it out from the pouch, keep it in your home's temple with full devotion.

    Next day morning - after taking bath, take it from God's feet and make 7 circle above the Diya-Jot / Dhupbatti / Agarbatti or whatever you used for pray, touch it at your for-head and wear it.

    How To Recharge It?

    There are several ways to recharge Your Pyrite Product :

    1. Best one is to keep it for a night in the Full Moon Light (Poornima) in a month.

    2. Keep it in direct Sun-rays for 60-90 mins. Don't keep it directly for more time in sun rays.

    3. If you have Shivling surrounding you, touch it once in a week as blessing of Lord Shiva. Shivling has vibrant power of the Universe.

    4. Keep it with Sandha Namak for 30 minutes. Don't use Normal Commercial Salt.

    5. Make 7 Circle above the Diya / Dhup / Aggarbatti in morning when you'll do Pooja once in a week.

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